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truly enjoy what I do.

So, I created a new technique, called "the dusting". While performing this technique, I literally dust your skin with my fingertips. It's as effective as deep tissue massage, which I go into throughout the massage as well. Pulsing back and forth with these modalities has had my clients covered in goosebumps.

Also working on a music and massage connection, where I coordinate your massage to the music we are hearing.

When you arrive, I say hello and I'll check in about any pains, injuries or problem spots you may have. You get comfortable on my table. I have a relaxing professional space in the Mission.

You can cover up if you are chilly. I use coconut oil and find the spots I think need work. Throughout the massage I utilize deep tissue and Swedish techniques. I love find the unique spots on the body!

I am intuitive and ready to spend as much time as needed to help others breakthrough their barriers, whether it is pain, stress, saddness or just to give someone a break.

I play a great mix of music and check in with you through the massage to make sure that I am hitting the right spots.

I am also offering four handed massage. Please inquire about it. It's literally otherworldly.

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