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s anyone who receives massage regularly can tell you, it's an . Training can make you a good technician, but in order to raise it to a higher level there has to be a connection between the client and masseur. This takes awareness and sensativity; two of my strongest qualities.

Your massage experience will be the result of collaboration between you and me. For this reason it's extremely important that you communicate. Grunts, moans, ooos, aaahs and ouches are all good. Yes, I'm trained in several techniques and I have ten years of experience in male massage, but ultimately it's my unique touch that keeps people coming back for the best in m4m massage.

No body nazi here and I'm also not into labels. Straight, questioning, bi and/or gay massage enthusiasts are all welcome. I attempt to meet your needs, physical, emotional and spiritual, on as many levels as I am aware. Share those needs with me and I'll tailor an experience just for you. For more information please visit home.earthlink.net/~gr8rubs

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