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wedish, Deep Tissue, Table Massage by a Licensed Therapist with just about 20 years of experience in NYC (please don't do the math). Now living in East Boston (with a parking space available for clients) right next to the Airport T stop. Cash and all major Credit Cards are accepted.

I receive and respond to emails immediately! Please include whether you want 60 or 90 minutes. Also, tell me a little something about yourself when you email. I look forward to hearing from you!

For each man or woman who decides to incorporate massage into their lives, there are very individual and personal reasons.

For some, stress management is reason enough. While others find that healthy, nurturing touch is essential to their physical and emotional health. Still, others find that living with chronic pain is a constant drain mentally as well as physically, and many times massage can bring them their much sought after relief.

There are many other motivations as well. But whatever the catalyst, massage is an excellent way to return the body and mind to a quiet and healthy state.

By using a wide range of techniques I am able to customize my work for each individual.

As a gay massage therapist, most of my clients tend to be other gay men. But I do have many regular female clients and am very comfortable working on any body-- no matter the shape or size or sexual orientation-- that finds its way to my table.

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