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Clients get the FULL amount of time on the table … and a high quality massage.

Experience the difference of deep relaxation and full body rejuvenation with a euphoric mix of Eastern and Western modalities by a trained, experienced professional therapist.

To book an appointment please indicate the session type and length.


#1 Standard Therapeutic:
Designed to address physical aches and pains, increase mobility, circulation and flexibility, as well as relax the mind. A broad range of modalities are incorporated which can include deep tissue and sports techniques. Helps with physical rehab. Perfect for athletes or adjusting your attitude after a tough day!

#2 Sensorial Therapeutic:
This takes the standard session to a higher level. A thorough full body treatment, this session is designed for deep relaxation and alleviating both physical and emotional stress. Soothing and invigorating.
$100/hr — $150/ 90 minutes — $200/ 2 hours.

#3 Naturist Therapeutic:
This elevates the Sensorial session to a higher level with a nurturing eclectic mix. The naturist approach allows the freedom of more techniques, creating a richer experience. It is performed at a slower pace. This session delivers a high quality massage. The style is powerful and deeply healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Unique, compared to most others you’ve experienced.
$150/hr — $220/ 90 minutes — $290/ 2 hours

#4 Salt Scrub Add-on to any session $40
To exfoliate and nourish the skin. Clients describe the results as new, fresh and glowing.

- A real massage therapist (CMT / LMT) with 1000 hours of training. Nationally Certified.
- Professional - reliable - respectful.
- He cares about your well-being.
- Strict hygiene and sanitizing maintained of studio, linens & equipment
- Quality products applied in the right amount.
- Relaxing and appropriate music without commercials!
- Studio is quiet with no pets or other distractions.
- Privacy & confidentiality assured to the standard of high profile clients.
- Hot towels use in studio
- Shower available
- Easy to find location with free parking

Most clients become regulars.

Some of Mike’s best clients are fellow massage therapists. They have said…

“When I have a day off I don’t want to waste my time with someone doing mediocre work, I want a real massage! You are phenomenal!”

“I’d almost given up on getting a decent massage in this town, until I found you… your work is amazing.”


"If you've had a professional massage before, you will be extremely impressed with Mike. If you've never had a professional massage, you'll be amazed!"

"There are many people claiming to be massage therapists with little or no training and there are others with training, but very few good ones. Mike is one of the best."

Serious Clients Please:
Mike is proud to work with the gay M4M community but is not an escort and does not offer such services. Treatments can be very sensorial and spiritually intense but professionalism is maintained for safety and health.

So, if you are looking for a very thorough m4m massage that is extremely nurturing and energizing, whether you are straight, bi or gay, and you want a male massage therapist who is highly regarded by clients, you will be pleased!

*** Please no private or blocked calls ***

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