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ven before I went to massage school in 1993, I was always massaging my friends. Once I got licensed and certified, I truly knew how to make people feel better.
Although I work on anybody - straight men and women, pets in need of healing work, gay and bi men, bi curious men, lesbians...the majority of my clients are guys who want to experience a man massaging them in a safe m4m environment, and who want a truly exceptional massage.

My style is pretty unique and very intuitive. I incorporate several styles into the massage and most guys usually comment within a few minutes that they have never felt touched this way before! What can I say? It's a real Gift!
I perform a combinational therapy massage that includes, nerve strokes, swedish, non-painful deep tissue, movement therapy, stretching as well as energy work. It is first and foremost a true massage!

I enjoy pampering and massaging in a gentle and strong manner that puts people right at ease. Many clients will drive 2 hours just to get a 2 hour massage and then drive back home. Being a man of peace, I enjoy bringing peace into other people's lives - either by giving magnificent massages that put them in a state of bliss, performing energy work that can balance and restore them, or by playing native american flute music that can touch the soul.
For some of my reviews, you can look at my therapeutic as on this same site :)

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