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ou may be searching for a relaxing and tension releasing hour away from reality.

• Therapeutic
• Deep Tissue
• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Stretching
• Aromatherapy
• Trigger Point
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Myofascial
• Cold Stone Therapy
• Relaxing Massage

My sessions combine invigorating elements with energizing, light, medium or heavy pressure. My massage is unmatched in attention to your needs and uniquely tailored to you with a blend of highly intuitive and relaxing movements. I can go as deep or as gentle as you like.

My strokes cover every major and minor muscle group on your body and everything in between; leaving your body feeling renewed when the session ends.

When you are with me you also will experience a true connection. It is just as important to me as it is to you! Just relax, release your stress and melt on my massage table. I am here to provide an amazing massage experience for you.

When you arrive to my studio, you'll be amazed at its warmth and spotlessness.

As you lie down, heat emanates through the table. I place towels and heat on the neck and along the spine to soften tense tissue. My work begins with deep Thai work on gluteus muscles hamstrings (biceps femoris). I use complementary Thai stretches for deeper work on thoracic and lumbar areas.

I use organic products as well as natural oils that help to revitalize and hydrate your skin and calm your senses. You will enjoy the perfect male massage with a soothing ambience with candles, relaxing music, clean linens, aromatherapy, warm table and most important absolute privacy.

Appointments and Timing: For early morning and late night appointments, advanced notice would make scheduling more possible. Hit me up anyways and perhaps I'll be free. Morning, Noon and afternoon appointments are usually available.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or reply by email. Give me a moment to answer as I may be in the middle of an appointment.

Massage Tip Guide:

-Prior to arriving to your massage, it is good etiquette to take a shower. I always shower before giving a massage, too. If you are coming straight from work or activity, you may use my shower facilities in my apartment.
-If you are going to be earlier or later by 10 minutes, it is customary to send a text. If I'm ever running late I'll also give you a heads-up.
-Just relax and let me stretch you or position your body.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME and please text me

510 612 6504

Please consider me for your next massage. You will not be disappointed.

Have a wonderful day.


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