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ello! Welcome to @rtbodylove! Whether you’re sore from carrying stress from work, sore from working out, or just need a physical and spiritual charge,
Relax & deep, and adjust from there as we discuss what your body and mind need. The more positive emotions in your life, the less negative emotions pull you down.
A comfortable environment is paramount for a successful massage. We are very good at making our gay & Bi clients feel relaxed, and reading body language. It can be interesting how the body communicates with pressure from another body better than words at times. If you've never had a four handed massage before, then you are in for a treat. If you have, then you know how amazing this unique experience can be.
So are u ready? Then you definitely should try 90 min session! Ok., or at list- 75 min:), 1 hour- better way for Curious, Bi or Straight guys, 45 min for students, and 30 min for Fragile people!:) Easy to set up via text. 347-495-5288

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