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am located in Downtown Los Angeles and I don't travel, I only host.

I usually start the massage by feeling and relaxing your body. Before i start any work i like to warm your muscles up. I like to feel if there is any tension so i know what area i should work out the most. I always start with the right side of your body ( for no particular reason), then i move to your right shoulder and your arm. I try to focus a lot of attention when massaging the hands because after all that's where our nerves ends and i think a lot of stress can be released that way. After i move to the left side of your body and do the same. Following that I do work on neck area and down your spine. Then I use warm towels on the shoulders and upper back area to possibly break any knots that u may have. Warm towels really help to ease the big knots, they really help.
Following that i would move to mid back and start warming up the lower back. Most people have lower back issues, and i really dont like to apply to much pressure there so i mostly work with my thumbs. In my opinion the lower back is the bridge between out upper and lower body so i like to take it easy. Working on your legs, calves and feet.

I use clean sheets, disposable head sheet covers, and I use heated coconut oil because its low scented and organic

We are all men, gay or straight, so lets be responsible. At the end of the day this is a massage site.

Thank you and I hope u enjoy my massage

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