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* KINDLY refer to my therapeutic ad for regular clientele reviews under TESTIMONIALS @: masseurfinder.com/arabmasseur

Hello there all, and welcome to my ad. When contacting me for a massage, kindly send me an email, or a text.

Those methods are the QUICKEST WAY TO GET IN TOUCH (and hear back).

I am giving you men something TRULY special here.

Certified with years of experience, I offer a wide variety of techniques.

Sports Massage
Deep Tissue

With me, you are getting a QUALITY massage both in time and technique.

My sessions are never hurried. I am a man passionate about what he does

I work with you on stretching, breathing control, applying solid, deep penetrative pressure where 'kneaded.'

While there are a lot of GREAT male massage therapists on this site, no other therapist offers up their time quite like I do. I care about your wellness as much as I do, and works vehemently with you to guarantee an effective outcome as we conclude each of our sessions.

Scented candles, a heated table, soft music to completely zone out to while you allow me to work my magic all over your sore and aching body.

Think Rejuvenation

Think Invigorating

Think Deep

Think Effective

Think Soothing

Think M4M Understanding of the male body.

My hands are food for the mind and soul.

My sessions run at least 90 to 100 minutes.

Whether your gay or not, If you ARE looking for REAL legitimate body work, look no further than this ad. Read my reviews, fellas. Sure, I'm confident in my work and like to talk about the benefits for you, but I'll let my clients vouch for me.

I do this for a living, and as such, I am looking to expand my business, and am CERTAIN that there are men who visit this site who get regular massages. I want those men to come to me and refer their friends, colleagues, partners, spouses, family members and the like because they believe I've helped them.

I want to essentially BE YOUR REGULAR masseur and the only way to make that happen is have you TRY ME OUT!!

Now, about the massage technique.

I work ONLY on a table and give a WONDERFULLY soothing full body (SPORTS MASSAGE) style experience.

Never rushed or hurried, I take my time assessing and addressing your bodys kneads.

I offer soothing Swedish style, involving long strokes, combined with slow, and deep penetrating pressure. I also am known for my Sports and Deep Tissue technique. It's a perfect blend of techniques I've studied and cultivated through years of practice and THOUSANDS of massages.

MY HANDS ARE UNIQUE. Here's why: I understand the body, and am strong enough to apply appropriate pressure and intuitive enough to know where to apply it..

I also believe that no GOOD massage will take place in less than 90 minutes. I always offer at least that much time. Generally massages are around 100 minutes, so please allow a full 2 hours of your time with me, and I guarantee that you will walk out of here feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and looking forward to your next experience with me.

Clean and spacious and very welcoming environment, fresh towels, scented candles, a heated table, soft music in the background to help take your mind to another place.

This is a place of TRUE AND REAL relaxation.

I'm a healer and have a lot of respect for my trade, and have GREAT appreciation for the time those of you who choose to come to me take to do so, therefore I ask you for that same respect.

I know there are so many of you in KNEAD and seeking excellent bodywork. This is where your search ends!

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I look forward to meeting YOUR KNEADS in the near future.

Be well.



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