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assage is the art of touch. Our senses are enhanced and nurtured by artistic experiences. Concerts focus on hearing, art galleries on sight, fragrances on smell and fine dining for the sense of taste. In the realm of touch one can leave behind the stress daily of concerns, and relax into the presence of the sensation of touch. Gay, straight, and men of all persuasions will respond to the deep strokes of my strong hands. Let me smooth out the knots in your muscles and stimulate the free flow of the essential life energy throughout your body. This energy has its own circulatory patterns, flowing through a system of channels and focused in dynamic hubs, often referred to as chakras, a sanskrit word for wheels.

My metamorphic massage releases blocks in this system and utilizes the power of touch to balance and invigorate a man's vibrational field. A variety of patterns unique to males is enhanced by bringing my energy centers into contact with yours. These connections stimulate the flow and balance of your bioelectromagnetic bliss body. This m4m massage creates waves of sensation interspersed with circulating the energy to every part of your body.

I spend hours each day practicing yoga in order to optimize the vitality and alignment of my integrated being in order to provide you with the best of my energy. Far more than stress reduction and relaxation, you will discover aspects of your essential nature. Most men continue returning to have me work with them physically and spiritually. You probably will as well.

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