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typical massage session will be a total body experience of integrative therapeutic healing, stretching, relaxation, & rejuvenation. It may be like this:

Starting off with Swedish and Esalen techniques, full of sweeping strokes, light to medium pressure, or even gentle rocking, calms the nervous system as energy begins to move... muscles warm and begin to relax...
Your breathing becomes slower as you slip deeper into your body, leaving the busyness of the world behind.

Taking the pressure deeper, tight muscles are wrung out as blood and energy is renewed and flushed into stagnant areas...
-You let yourself sink heavy into the heated table, turning off your mind, fully inhabiting your body awareness.

Thai stretching opens the body, giving much needed passive stretching to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Energy lines are run and assessed for blockages. Limbs, fingers, and toes are tractioned relieving pressure in joints, offering much needed space and stimulating restorative joint fluids. Pressure is placed on specific Relexology points, stimulating vital organ systems, helping to release stuck tension in stubborn areas of tightly held muscle memory...
-You are not yourself...you are a deeply feeling body...floating in the abyss of total relaxation.

Full, sweeping movements from head to toe wash over you like ocean currents, as Lomi Lomi practices clear energy pathways throughout the body. If appropriate, I may get on top of the table (similar to Ashiatsu), using my legs and forearms...delving deeper into large muscle groups, hips, sacrum and general lumbar region...
-You free up deeply held muscle memory tensions with each out breath...moving past what is, into total nothingness.

More flowing Swedish and Esalen movements bring awareness back into your limbs. Your head is cradled...your neck and cranial region given touch as you come back to the room...
-Your breath comes into conscious control as you slowly begin to engage your thinking brain and allow yourself to open the eyes in your own time.

After your session, I may suggest stretches or yoga positions for specific issues you are having, that you can try on your own...Please explore them at your own risk and only if it feels right and helpful to you.

Thank You!
It is my intention to support all men in the healing and rejuvenating process, by sharing an experience of presence, breathing, body balancing, and healing love.

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