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specialize in Deep Tissue work, though I can adjust to meet the comfort and needs of my client. The majority of my client base is gay males, so I am keenly aware of the needs of my clients, and sensitive to that while I work. Working with men is a great passion of mine, as I feel gay men have specific traumas, tensions, and baggage that can be worked out and healed through my work. I also practice Zero Balancing which addresses bone held tension as opposed to muscular held tension. It's very transformative work.

Apart from those modalities, I practice energy work akin to Reiki. I will 'tune in' to your energetic body and hold the space for a rebalancing and realigning of your chakras to take place, help clear out old traumas and areas of stagnation, etc. Every treatment is different and different things bubble to the surface depending on my client's needs.

Finally, I read cards, while tuning into your higher self and guides, providing my clients with supportive, useful information to push forward in their lives in a manner that is consistent with their soul's path.

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