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ith all of the healing work I perform, I work from my heart chakra. This immediately sets a tone of love, nurturing, compassion and understanding, creating a safe and supportive space for healing to occur. While bodywork feels good to one's physical structure, all of my treatments address your body's energy as well. Energetic imbalances lead to physiological imbalances, creating areas of tension, pain, and discomfort. By addressing my client's physicality AND energy, I not only attend to what is uncomfortable in that moment, but work on the underlying cause of the discomfort, helping to ameliorate future aggravation.

I have been working with clients for 4 years, and specialize in deep tissue work. I employ a wide range of pressures when working with clients; deep tissue is what I am best known for. My client base is largely male, though I treat all people in need of nurturing, healing intervention. Male massage is quite special and dear to my heart, as many men, especially gay men, lack in tender, heart centered touch, being far more familiar with that which is grounded solely in the primal-physical. We all need loving touch in our lives, and most of my clients continue to return because they walk away feeling as if their total being was addressed as they lay on my table.

Apart from deep tissue work, I'm certifying in a bodywork called Zero Balancing which addresses bone held tension, as opposed to muscular held tension. What many people don't realize is that bones are actually quite porous and squishy, and day to day living can create areas of tension within the bones, which can then affect all other tissues; bones are the deepest tissues in the body, and working with them can be extremely transformative and supportive to my clients.

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