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About my massage" -- Hmm... This has always been a difficult thing to explain. Swedish and Deep Tissue are the two primary forms of massage that I perform. I have over 600 hours of training so I'm not just winging it (and there IS a big difference) but, while I am a huge believer in the benefits of massage, I'm not a guy that treats it like a science. So, often I just do what I "feel" and it works.

Here's a story that I can help explain better. My friend Dave was having an issue with his arm and was convinced that he needed to go to a doctor. I asked him if I could try something and he said yes... I held his arm, closed my eyes, and did what felt "right." Only worked on it for maybe 3 minutes. The next day he called me up and said I had healed him! He offered to give me a huge, nice coffee table, but I didn't have the space so I didn't take it.

Helping people to feel better is what I enjoy about massage. Nothing pleases me more than when a client sits up after a session and is so relaxed that they look like Stephen Hawking! ☺️

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