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henever the power of human touch is engaged there is always an exchange of energy. The Mind, Body, and Spirit can be healed and renewed in an atmosphere where you can relax with total confidence of Safety and Privacy. My area of expertise is focused on relaxation massage using a combination of Swedish and Esalen techniques.
As you enter the massage room the tranquil sounds of relaxing music begin to ease the tensions of your day. Soft Candle light with Aromatherapy designed to enhance your massage experience.
Wherever you are in life and in relation to your health, fitness, and orientation is ok.Every man is different and each session will be customized to his specific needs and requests. My goal for your session is for a bond of trust to develop that will allow you to deeply relax. We will begin with a personal consultation to discuss any medically related issues or restrictions.
Scheduled Appointments or spur of the moment are always welcome.

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