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elcome to my massage profile. In 2005 I started doing my first intuitive massages. After lots of positive response I attended different certification training courses in Europe, North America and Asia. Today I'm a very experienced massage therapist available to listen and to assist you in your healing. Based in Brussels, available to travel. A Bose sound system will set you in the right mood for your treatment!

I usually combine different techniques in a single session, adjusted to your preferences, to your physical condition and your mental state of the day.

Your massage can include strong slow strokes, more rapid energizing strokes, rocking, vibrations, dynamic stretching, reflexology, acupressure, deep arm and elbow pressure etc.

Full body: 90min. ideal
Longer sessions possible

Let me know how you are feeling, any muscular pain? any injuries? When would you like to schedule your massage?



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