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*****Now available Saturday and Sunday mornings. Due to demand and i need a tuff shed ☺.
************** $55 HOUR or $80 for hour and half the best of prices for the nicest of guys from a great guy
very easy to talk to guy TEXT ME ASAP *
All Ages & Body Types welcome * Full Swedish Massage *
*********************Therapeutic, Professional, Respectful of your needs, ********************** - [Clean Sheets] - [Table] - .
****************************Text me direct at 602 718 6278
*************************************thanks again Glenn - 602 - 718 - 6278
Please don't email me just TEXT me thanks.

Massage for all your tired muscles STRESS relief


Lay back and relax and let me take you on your get rid of stress experience.

Your Swedish massage for only 55 for the hour ( tip if you must ) let me know about any full time clients or extra time you might need or want and I will try and honor your thoughts . sincerely yours your new massage therapist Glenn

Please text me if possible a day ahead for your apt times :) I can see you same day but would love to make your apts a day ahead so you get the time you would like.

I can always promise you guaranteed stress reductions on your apts every time I promise. and get you back into efficient daily life without the stress . clean sheet table and safe environment .

Email him now or call