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y massage style is cultivated from practicing many modalities and moving toward the most effective elements of them.

The flow is artistic, constant, and it embraces fluidity and continuity. I'm not robotic in my approach, I adjust to changing circumstances from the person I'm working with, and address issues "intuitively" and with great care and focus.

I use a "comfortably warm" organic coconut oil that has the added benefit of nourishing and healing the skin.

Meditation is always a staple element in your massage experience with me, because it allows me to be in the most creative state possible as I slowly find all the knots and stress zones of the body. I work in layers and then gradually work up to deep tissue and pressure points.

You'll experience a "Sound Bath" of meditation music,Tibetan singing bowls, a combination of Ohm chanting and/ or Piano, flutes, waves, nature sounds, chimes, and in various combinations, so you can totally relax at " brain level " and without effort. The music sets the mood for me to focus more "intuitively" on bring the body into balance.

My table is "super comfy"with a memory foam layer, high end, and super strong and comfortable like a bed.

After many years I've realized that this a the life that suits me because I am a nurturer and driven by this human need to make a difference and reach out to others.

I consider myself to be a healer through the use of several modalities available and work to achieve a full body balance.

***However, think of me as a Shaman healer type, and for this reason, Please do not contact me if you're seeking any kind of illegal or inappropriate service.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.!


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