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assage by Blair has been selected for the 2015 Best of West Hollywood Award in the Massage Therapist category by the West Hollywood Award Program. Hooray!!!!

Thank you for checking me out, I realize you have so many masseurs to choose from.
More about me at my website

TEXTING AND CALLING is used by 99% of my clients, so I may take a day or so to notice if you email me. I try to return all calls in a timely manner.

My Massage Room Is Air Conditioned and has a ceiling fan...so escape the heat while you relax... UNLESS you are into Bikram Massage. Happy to work on you in a hot room as well (It's amazing how many do like it extra hot) The room gets heated to 90+ degrees and the table is heated to 120+ degrees (a pad is between you and the table)

Specializing in Sciatica / IT Band / Sports Massage / Deep Tissue / Thai On Table / Lymphatic / Stretching / Hot Stone Work (I don't do Rolphing style massage... if you want it that deep I can suggest a masseur for that)

Full details on these massage styles can be found on my newly updated website MassageByBlair or do a google search for The Glute Master or Sciatic Massage Los Angeles, I'm in the top search results... Note that site links back to MasseurFinder site as well so you won't lose your place.

NOTE: Hot Stone Massage (90 min) $180 for 75min. No Discount

My goal is to give you the massage I wish I could get. With more than 27 years of experience (10 years Full Time Massaging) under my belt, my goal still remains to give you the massage I want to get. I work on both Men and Women, so even if you found me by searching out M4M gay male massage, I work on everyone no matter if they are straight or gay male or in-between including body type.

I have a unique style that incorporates Thai Chi to give you a 'Chi Flow Massage'. I use strong, rhythmic strokes and a great massage routine, paying attention to details as to where you are holding tension in your body and customizing it as I go along. My specialty is Glute Massage for alleviating Lower Back Pain / Sciatica and Piriformus Syndrome along with IT Band problems. I incorporate many modalities to fix your bodies aches and pains. I work out of a private room with bathroom and shower available. All my work is done on a Heated Massage Table.

My techniques incorporate stretches to maximize and extend the health benefits of the session.

I work on all body types, from Desk Jockeys to Olympic Athletes and I look forward to having you on my table. My table is 32 wide (average tables are 28) leaving plenty of room for your arms and body, I use a memory foam face cradle and the table is heated on cold days. The room included a shower for your need before or after should you wish.

NOTE: everything I do is strictly by hand


MEDITATION: Might I suggest a book called
THE RELAXATION RESPONSE by Herbert Benson MD is a study of most of the popular meditations techniques and boils it down to the top commonalities on how to do it. (no religious stuff or chanting required) My fascination with meditation is that is cuts out the Flight or Fight response in people and often is more effective for treating people's neurosis and mental stuff than if one went to a therapist for several years.

FOR BACK PAIN: If you are looking for ways to take care of your chronic pain that doesn't seem to go away, perhaps this book to check out. It's not always a physical thing, pain can be a mental thing that the body is trying to tell you stuff.
by Dr. John E. Sarno

WEIGHT LOSS (I use to weigh 265lbs... now i average 185lbs. How I lost it was something called The Slow Carb Diet. What you eat is 95% of your weight solution. Exercise only really influences 5% of your weight loss ) The book this is in is called THE FOUR HOUR BODY by Tim Ferris, which includes a ton of body hacks. But the Slow Carb Diet is covered in 10-15 pages of the book. You can always just hang out in a bookstore to read that chapter. If you like the rest of the book, who knows, you might pick it up for all the body hacks.

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