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s a massage client for many years before becoming a massage therapist, I understand what clients need to achieve a great therapeutic bodywork session. Various techniques are used in each session to provide the perfect session for your areas of concern, including shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching. These techniques provide excellent relief from pain and injury, and can also help your body reset after a sporting event or other strenuous activity. They also help you just relax and reset your life outlook.

People from all walks of life see me for therapy--men, women, gay, straight -- all are welcome. Many men find that a male massage therapist can best meet one's need for a strong, understanding connection. My resolute, experienced touch, combined with our mutual intuition, makes for the perfect session.

Every visit is about you and communication is key. Please let me know what areas need attention on the day of your session; your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance to me.

A good massage creates a that relaxing feeling that only a massage can give. A great massage is a journey that changes one's perspective on the world and, perhaps, even yourself.

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