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are to explore the holistic connections between mind, body and soul in a a safe and unwinding experience.
Before beginning your session, it is a good idea to turn off mobile phones and/or any electronic devices that might potentially interrupt the journey.
It is advisable to take a warm shower. This will help the beginning of the relaxation process, both physically and mentally. It also, raises the body temperature and it makes you feel fresh for the experience.
The room is set up with low, dim lights.
I use aromatherapy oils at your request, clean white sheets and soft, calming music to get your senses attuned.
My goal is to release all your stress and worries done in a comfortable environment.
Next, you will be asked questions relevant to your health and the desired pressure (deep or relaxation mode) to personalize your experience.
You will then disrobe to your comfort level. Drape is provided.
Starting face down, your session will begin at your head and it will finish at your feet. Incorporating both, standard massage movements with my own style and stretches. Paying special attention to keep you on the brink of relaxation and comfort.
Your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body's sensitivity increases.
All bringing you towards the relaxation experience you are looking for.
Shower is available for your convenience.
All sessions are done by appointment only. It is advisable to call or text ahead of time to reserve your spot.
Also, I offer several pre-paid discounted packages that can be use at your convenience and they will not expire.
I appreciate your time. Please, feel free to come back and write a review after your session.

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