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ello guys,

Thanks for viewing my male massage profile.
I am masculine, muscled man and specialize in a professional, full body, Swedish male massage performed on a Heated massage table in a comfortable, quiet and candle-lit space accompanied by soft music.

My massage table is heated to keep your body warm throughout the session. I am a full-time massage therapist and take great pride in what I do and confident, that you'll leave feeling both relaxed and invigorated. I understand that we all experience stress and fatigue and seek relief. My focus is placed on each man's particular issues and what I can do relieve their aches and pains. Nothing satisfies me more than when men leave me session feeling better than when arrived.

My Technique is a combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish, firmly applying long, gentle and soothing strokes that reactivate tired sore muscles and eliminates muscle fatigue and unwanted stress throughout the whole body. I also, use reflexology technique on the hands and feet to enhance further relaxation blended with stretching to alleviate muscle tightness in the legs and arms.

The session begins with 10-minute warm-up period in which I rock the body using percussion technique that induces a trance state. My hands are large and able to offer strong, yet soothing male massage that is both therapeutic and invigorating from the neck down to your toes!

My unique technique eliminates muscle fatigue and relieves unwanted tension at the source and allows for complete body relaxation. It’s a perfect blend of holistic healing and manly touch.

My vast male massage experience allows me to utilize various massage techniques and adjust my pressure specifically to your preferences. Whether you’re gay, straight, or a bi-male, you’ll feel the comfort of my manly touch and no doubt, enjoy your male massage experience with me. I firmly believe the need of full body relaxation for MEN because I sincerely enjoy what I do!

Professionally trained with 11 Years massage experience I am handsome Italian, in my early forties with a smooth, muscular body. I am also. Very discreet and therefore, I don't display nor SEND face pictures whatsoever.

Massage Session Hours:
10:00 am and the last session at 11:00 pm.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!


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