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he male anatomy is a dense form. I enjoy working with men of all walks of life, and densities.

Your tides are unpredictable. Come white water rafting; on my table, with my MEXICAN RIVER ROCKS! You are the boat, I am the 150 degree commander. (I use a turkey roaster w water/essential oils)

Are you tired of NOT getting the relief you desire, in the areas that chronically pester you!? Do you want your issues addressed? Come receive a hot stone, deep tissue, reiki, reflexology, and craniosacral session at once! Lets discuss whats ailing you, and my stones and I will do the rest. I look forward to listening, and being present with you.

First session: you will WANT to fall asleep. But I am sports trained so I will NOT let you. But, second session, once the waters have been scoped, we can DISCUSS your potential slumber.

I will remain buoyant and optimistic, in hopes we can coordinate this special three winks in time, for you.
Lets create the m4m massage experience you've always wanted and needed.

Please do not mention to my stones I called them rocks in the opening of this description.

Email him now or call (510) 877-0085