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assage is a great experience and for many, particularly men, when receiving a massage and feeling stress relive. However, for many the experience of taking a massage is often hindered by worry of causing offence to the therapist by becoming visible nervous. In the relaxing massage that I give, worries are out the context. I believe that the desire for a human being to want to receive relieve therapeutic touch is normal as the need to eat.

When you have a massage given by me you can release your fear, leave your worries outside on the street. My motivation and satisfaction is totally about your welfare and satisfaction.

It's not a secret that gay men, bisexual and straight, curious, single, partnered or married are trying relaxing massages, often for the first time and finding that it a great experience to try helping with their day to day lives or relationships , if fact many report that it helps and improves their sense of well being and general health.

"Everyone is welcome under my hands, whether you consider yourself gay or straight, married or single, regardless of your age or what you look like"

For any additional info or question, please feel free and text me at (305)3430956 or email me at malemassage305@

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