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n those times where stress can be one of ours first enemy, we should just let a great professional taking care of you and solve that problem.

Long, slow, deep strokes stopping to address trigger points are my favorite method of work. this allow the system to calm down and relax the body and energy away from worries and anxiety to a toward state of relaxation. I work as a “team” effort between myself and my clients to reach the requirements that each of my clients have come to get addressed. My philosophy around the body is if you find a good therapist it’s good to stick with them for several reasons. A few of these reasons are that they know your body and you don’t need to explain the same story of your needs each time you come in. He knows the pressure that you desire and the edge that you can take and still stay calm energetically. The therapist understand the larger picture story of the unique person you are as they listen and learn you. Also, if you know your therapist better you will be more comfortable asking for what you want specially on work and letting him know what is not working or causing pain in the moment. Having had several injuries himself like in me vertebral column, I bring a sense of compassion, masculinity and professionalism to my work.

I am totally open minded with the gender of my clientes, I have been taking care of so many people either Straight or Gay since I became Massage therapist in 2005. Several years of experience makes the difference, knowing the human anatomy and making the effort to cover all your needs during the massage. I loves blending styles and using the tools I know to better fit the needs of my clients. From treatment oriented bodywork including trigger point, Swethai techniques to more of the soothing, relaxing Swedish massage.

Professionalism and detail orientated is a strong quality on me. Clean and safe ambient with and total discretion.

"Everyone is welcome under my hands, whether you consider yourself gay or straight, married or single, regardless of your age or what you look like. My hands know how to make the male body feel amazing."

For more info feel free to txt me at (305)343-0956

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