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elax. Renew. Re-energize...
with a Top-Notch Male Massage. Do you remember the last time you felt completely relaxed and satisfied? Whether you do or not, a session with me will have you feeling like that again in no time. Imagine that!

Why choose a session with me?

Beautiful, private upscale setting

Squeaky clean, smoke free environment

Safe off street parking

Shower available

Most of all you'll be in the hands of a highly capable and skilled masseur dedicated to serving your needs...

By the way, currently I'm offering inclusion of Hot Stones with your session for free through month's end if you're a first time client. You really can't imagine how good they feel until you experience them for yourself. It's quite a unique and indescribably pleasurable sensation. Just ask that they be included when you call to schedule and save $30.

How soon do you want to experience absolute bliss?

Email him now or call