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hen looking for a male massage therapist, it is a tough decision when there are so many to pick from. When marketing to new potential clients it is important for me to make sure you know exactly what your getting and what to expect. I start every massage with a brief consultation to find out what your problem areas your experiencing and then ask, "what you would like to gain from your massage cession today?" I tend to get a lot of clients who have sciatica issues, upper and lower back problems, just to name a few. I like to customize your massage and incorporate stretching, applying warm towels etc., to enhance your relaxation. I start all my clients face down and spend the bulk of the time on the neck, back, shoulder and glut area. This is the main source of so many people's problems. I then move on to the posterior legs before turning you over to work the front side of your body. I like to place a warm towel under your neck to help with melting away the tension in the neck, before I finish with the stretching of that area. If you have suffered from migraines or neck issues, I can assist in applying different techniques to help ease the pain.
I know you will enjoy being massaged on an electric table with a heating pad that is adjusted to your comfort level. As gay men and women, it is all about experiencing total relaxation. The next time you are in the Oklahoma City area and would like to get a great Swedish, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage, give me a call.
I am excited to announce my new massage location near Penn Square Mall. Just take Northwest Expressway past the mall to Blackwelder and turn right and right on Richmond Square Drive. You will see a red brick office complex. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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