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provide a unique experience unlike any other. My experience includes a strong spiritual element and my clients report experiencing profound peace as a result of my massage. Over time, this experience can result in transformational effects.

I welcome all clients. I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida. To avoid any misunderstandings, please read this entire profile before contacting me. While I thoroughly enjoy working with gay men, and have many long-term gay male clients, my session is strictly professional. Beyond that, my services are designed with meditative, spiritual and shamanic components. I ask that you respect that when contacting me for an appointment and during the experience.


I created the Metaphysical Soul Massage technique by combining a variety of experiences from various parts of the world. As one of the most unique modalities in massage therapy, it unites the body, mind and spirit which expands your interconnectivity and produces profound results. As one of the only massage therapists in the U.S. to have been trained at the Ma-Uri Institute in New Zealand, i have a unique perspective. Having observed many techniques, my Meta Soul Massage technique incorporates Ma-Uri, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Californian, Swedish, Tibetan, Ayurveda, Thai, Shiatsu, Lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy and others to achieve infinitely variable pressure. However, what I offer is not simply a combination of techniques. I create a magical experience that is fueled by the personal energetic vibration of each individual. That is why every experience is different. Using the technique to connect to the innate, intuitive ability and vibrational energy of each person, the massage is performed in a meditative state that permits you to completely relax. Through this process we clear all energetic blockages and restore the client’s natural flow of energy. A person is not defined just through their solid physical form. We connect with the subtle energetic form of the body. And in this state, there are infinite possibilities where the world of impossible does not exist and the mind is liberated from its traditional, constrained thinking. Our spirit rises to dance in the light of love, allowing us to connect more deeply with our souls.

Experiential Highlights:
* State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (No. MA76286).
* Passionately worked within medical institutions and numerous spa facilities including beauty, wellness and aesthetic centers in Europe as a lead massage therapist and massage instructor.
* Developer of Metaphysical Soul Massage technique, a hybrid of modalities including: Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Californian, Swedish, Tibetan, Ayurveda, Thai, Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, aesthetic therapy, sport massage, orthopedic and neuromuscular therapy, and others.
* Performed quality assurance services and served as a business consultant to spas, analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of spa services.
* Organized seminars about metaphysics and quantum physics in massage, body and energy work in Bogota, Colombia.
* Currently working with high-end clientele in South Florida, including working in top residential buildings such us Trump Towers, Icon, Jade, Saphire, and many others.
* Experienced in spa consulting, including development, business process monitoring, service prioritization, recruiting, and service improvement as well as implementation of new and improved services.

Exclusive Training:
* Business and management graduate specialized in market research and strategic management.
* Trained with renowned teachers from: French Massage Accademy, Somatheeram Ayurvedic Accademy (India), Vedic Conservatory (USA),
* Graduated from Ma-Uri Institute in New Zealand, a strict program of study in shamanic massage, body and energy work.
* Attended Matrix Energetics seminars and others

I encourage you to consider my excellent reviews from other male massage clients.

A few points to keep in mind.

First, please understand that I am only occasionally able to arrange a last minute appointment. If possible, I ask that you schedule at least one day in advance. Please call or text my cell 561-929-8868 for the quickest response. While I always respond to emails, it may take me up to 24 hrs.

Second. My session is a spiritual experience, a shamanic ritual. I enjoy working with gay men. My service is professional.
If what you are looking for is an outstanding male massage therapist, stop searching, as you have found one of the best.

Third, my session has an European feel to. It stimulates senses. Yet the focus of the session is deeply spiritual.

I view my work as an art to be performed with an open mind, creativity, flow, and trust in one's own intuition. I believe it is an unique spiritual connection that create a way for reaching new level of consciousness and awareness.

It is a deep energy work which create a space for new opportunities and changes in your energy patterns and your life. Our spirits interact and dance together in a harmonious way.

Ready for a new transformational experience?

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