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e all need touch. You may have knots in your shoulders or pain in your lower back. Although I can help you with those problems, the heart of my practice is the warm nurturing space that I create. As a single gay man, I know what its like to need to connect in a more personal way. To feel warm and alive in the healing hands of good man.

Over the years of doing this work, I've come to realize that offering healing bodywork is many things. It's more than just good technique and deep pressure, it's the human touch that makes the difference.

I had a Navaho medicine man on my table the other day and I asked him what he felt from my work. He said "I felt a lot of love in your hands."

As you are searching on this site for a certain kind of nuturing experience, I can assure that in my practice you will feel warmly welcomed as though you've found a new friend. By the time you leave you will also feel completely transformed and deeply touched.

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