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y name is Guillermo. To the art and practice of massage I bring years of intense training and experience, including in chiropractic techniques and yoga -- and the goal of bringing help and the easing of tension to my clients with the skills I have acquired, and insights gathered from them, and my teachers.

One of my massage instructors observed that in my developing technique I was leaning toward the reparative and therapeutic aspects of the discipline, toward fixing what hurts. So he began to discuss relaxation, which he remarked was an inherent component of it. I explained that in my native country the teaching had concentrated on that side and I was trying to enlarge my knowledge and skills beyond it, to become more “professional”. (Even to the point of having worked as a chiropractor’s massage assistant to learn some of those techniques to enhance the purely physical reparative mode of my work.)

But he went on to remind me that massage as a relaxation of tension was as old as a mother’s LOVE to her infant, crucial to the child’s lifelong sense of love and security. And why relaxation was as much a part of the healing aspects of our work as the deep pressure, stretching, etc.; and sometimes essential in providing the full sense of “well being” that should be one of the goals of our work. One of the most interesting of his own memories was of training he received in India that included observing his master instructor performing a massage on his own son. He said that lesson was bracing and quite a revelation, and helped him to understand the totality of the sense of well-being that our work is meant to create.

His advice to me included that as an important, perhaps the most important, responsibility of this healing process. And that, therefore, I should see my work as leading to a kind of mutual celebration. And so it has become.

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