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am a licensed, professional and insured masseur, and I am a member of CTHA.

I offer the ultimate massage experience by using a variety of techniques that include Swedish, Deep-Tissue and Sports Massage, which addresses muscular tension. The treatment focuses on back, chest, legs, neck, etc...Unless instructed by the client, which means, I will cater a treatment that will suit your needs.

This hybrid massage experience treats the mind and body as one. It is the perfect aid to combating stress and tension of any kind, and will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.

The massage is always performed on a professional massage table. I use odorless oils and lotion, to a backdrop of soothing music.

The treatment is designed to release tension held within the mind and body. I welcome everyone who are based or travelling to London.

A minimum of one hour is required, however, to fully appreciate the massage experience, 90 minutes is recommended.

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