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very session is fresh and curious as my approach is carefullly detailed. I listen as your body responds to touch and vibrational therapy. I manipulate your constriction away by using a fusion of modalities specifically adjusted to suit what is discovered. It's the balance of sensitivity and strength, the strokes that move deeply to the center of muscles or lightly brushing atop. It's staying with a moment because that moment is valuable.

Massage is the relationship between touch and information. It's the essential appropriation of well practiced technique and the infusion of well nurtured intuition. The swells and nucance of vibration do not always easily yield but with focus healing and relaxation are the result.

During this encounter we identify a safe space and make realignment priority. You learn to breathe and trust as we allow the transference of energy to heal as I gather information your anatomy provides to balance your chi with energy bodywork.

Let's move in the direction of least resistance toward all that is organic. Let's discover renewal and to some degree a new self. I use much of my practical training but am guided by my intuitive sensibility.

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