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et my hands work your entire body and make your body and mind feel relaxed rejuvenated and distressed. My goal is to offer you a unique massage/body work that will unwind your entire body leaving you with a amazing sensation of relaxation and overall making you feel great. Very masculine but offer a combination of firm and relaxingtouch that I will cater to your body. I will work your body from head to toe and give special attention to all give your body a positive energey feel and touch.

I offer a quiet place dedicated to providing you with a serene environment of quiet relaxing music, soft candles, and nice warm comfortable heated table and soothing oils. I also include nice warm towels and shower after the massage to complete a full body work.

Please note. Best way to communicate is text. Discreet with texts but it's the only way I can set anything up

Please note can't set anything up without texting

Let me work on you and your body with my masculine and relaxing touch and provide you with a unique session of pampering your body.

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