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rusted by visiting celebrities for absolute discretion. Massage -- In most body work (almost all types of massage and especially on gay men), energy work is avoided in our country. In my massage, energy (also known as Reiki) is neither invoked nor avoided, but allowed to flow on its own, surfacing or not, depending on the client.

The foundation moves are based on Therapeutic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, but they also include and embrace this energy work rather than exclude it. The moves are much broader, more sweeping. Rather than always focus on a specific muscle or muscle group, my strokes could travel from ankle to shoulder.

In many sessions, you will find healing from your own life-embracing energy. It's not about the me, practitioner. It is only about you. You will spend much of the session in a state of calm, peace, serenity. You will lay back, close your eyes, and just enjoy the sensations.

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Hot Stone sessions available year-round!

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Please contact me for rates

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