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y massage for men is one of the premiere massages in the Fort Lauderdale area. It has a great attention to detail and special relaxing techniques, along with deep muscle tension release.
My intuitive touch has continued to strengthen over the years and has become unparalleled in the male massage and bodywork arena. I listen to your body and by using my senses along with ancient, traditional and state of the art massage techniques. I create an extraordinary experience that will resonate with you for time.
Options for m4m massage now include oxygen inhalation with optional aroma therapy, and hot rock massage. My over-sized massage table with memory foam comfort uses magnetic pads to help balance your energy.
All bodywork includes reflexology, reiki, chakra and balancing energy.
I have included OPTIONAL ultra sound and electric stimulation when appropriate for injured or bruised muscles, tendons, sore spots and alike.
I have expanded the hot rock treatments to include copper for joints and collagen production.
My massage studio in Fort Lauderdale is adjacent to the MINUARY, a magical but grounded Zen Garden with lush tropicals, fountains, and connotes an exotic feel.
Many guys say I present myself 'too simply' for the transformations that occur.
Bodywor& Massage vary upon the individual. I am happy to address your individual massage concerns.

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