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’m a California-certified massage therapist with over 700 hours of bodywork training. I would describe myself as attentive, caring, present, organized and dedicated to what I do. My bodywork offerings range from relaxation-focused where we work on helping you let go of sources of stress physically, emotionally and mentally to working on specific muscular issues that are creating pain and discomfort and impeding your physical activities.

I try to find the perfect balance between creating an experience that feels amazingly blissful while you're on the table and resetting your body so that you feel more alive, relaxed and physically capable in the days following your session. All sessions begin with a chat for you to tell me what's going on with your body and your goals for the session. For specific issues, I will perform an verbal and physical assessment to understand the issue and create a plan to address it. The timed massage session does not begin until you are actually on the table. My bodywork typically includes long, relaxing strokes that span from head to toe to reconnect you with your body, deep tissue and trigger point work on areas of chronic tension, focused bodywork on areas you request that are causing pain or discomfort, and Thai-massage stretching to increase mobility and reduce stiffness. Upon request, some sessions also include dialoging during the massage to help explore and unravel negative mental stories that are a source of physical stress and tension. All sessions end with a fully-body wipe-down with steaming hot towels.

I love being able to serve the gay community through male massage, and I am most drawn to clients who enjoy deep yet soothingly enjoyable therapeutic work.

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