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reetings and thank you for checking out my page.

I offer a strong and focused deep tissue massage for the male body.

My technique and approach are inspired by the energetic qualities of combined modalities. Reiki and Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Mono Lomi, Reflexology and Swedish Deep Tissue offer techniques that assist me in creating a grounded and centered approach to your needs and well being.
I also offer Thai Massage sessions as well. Thai Massage is similar to applied Yoga and Shiatsu. The therapist applies stretching, pressure points and energy work to the client as they are seated, lying prone & supine and on their side on a futon style Thai mat. The experience is very relaxing and promotes energy and lymph movement to encourage a healthy body and mind. If you have not experienced a Thai Massage, you should. It is a very neat experience. You can schedule one session or enjoy the package deal which not only offers a good price break but the added benefit of deep relaxation and better health that the continued practice offers.

I run a men's yoga studio and have been teaching men's yoga for 8 1/2 years and practicing yoga for 31 years. Working with the male body through yoga has inspired my massage approach and technique. Studying how men move and carry themselves I can easily spot where immobility and tightness are in the body. This awareness usually allows me ability to address deeper issues that cause re-occuring pains and strains. With the combined modalities listed above and my awareness of the musculature structure and movement of the male body and whether you just want to relax shedding the stress of the day or to cool down and re-set after a workout or sports activity, my large strong hands and my empathic approach will have you feeling rejuvenated and balanced. Working with men in yoga and massage has encouraged a deeper spirituality in my practice and approach. And it is my honor to share what I have learned and experienced with the intention that men gain a better relationship with their body.

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