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hai massage is a thousands of years old healing modality which has its roots in Ayurveda, Yoga and indigenous Thai medicine. This type of massage is performed with the client lying on a comfortable mat on the floor and being moved into various positions. The work itself focuses on rhythmic pressure on energy lines and is most notable for its emphasis on lengthening and relaxing the muscles through a wide variety of stretching movements. You do not need to be flexible to benefit from a Thai bodywork session.

I have studied this type of bodywork in New York, at the Lotus palm School in Montreal and most recently at the ITM school in Chaing Mai, Thailand, where I obtained a certificate recognized by the government of Thailand.

Some of the benefits of Thai bodywork include:
-Released Stress
-Increased Energy
-Improved range of motion
-Improved circulation
-Strengthened internal organs
-Pain relief
-Improved neurological function
-Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind

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