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et my over 22 years of experience and advanced training help you reach goals you didn't think were possible. My true calling is making profound changes in your body that will make a difference in your quality of life. When you receive a massage from me you will feel the genuine joy and commitment I have to making your massage an incredible experience. My massage varies from relaxation to specific bodywork or a combination of the two. Each massage is unique and based on what your needs are when I meet you. if you have chronic pain or trouble areas, I am very good at not only addressing the area that hurts, but more importantly treating the muscles that are contributing to the problem using advanced massage therapy techniques for long lasting results. As a licensed male massage therapist I'm comfortable treating everyone from all walks of life. I AM HERE TO PROVIDE A SAFE HEALING SERVICE FOR THOSE AMONG THE GAY COMMUNITY THAT ARE IN NEED OF THERAPEUTIC, HEALING MASSAGE THERAPY.

My office address is 2111 E. Michigan Street, Orlando Florida 32806.

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