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ote: when contacting we need to know the following. First name. 60-minute appointment, 90-minute appointment 2 hand massage or 4 hand massage. Both of us are not always here so if requesting 2 hand massage be clear on which one you wish to see. Joe is the tall one with brown hair. Trent's head is shaved.

Text or Call to Schedule.
All appointments require a contact number for our personal safety – NO exceptions.
In-Calls only.

3 Options: Joe, Trent, or Both (4-Hand/Tandem)

2-hand massage is $85 for 60 mins
2- hand massage $ 120 for 90 mins

4-hand massage is $150 for 60 mins
4- hand massage is $ 180 for 90 mins

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all Massage, so please communicate your expectations, and we will let you know if they are not within our scope of practice.
Joe is in charge of booking and all calls and texts go to his number.

A massage session with us will consist of a full-body routine combining Swedish, Sports, Stretches, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, and Steamed Towels done on a professional massage table in a spa-like room with private bath. Based on your individual needs, we will choose the techniques, pressure, rhythm, and prioritize the areas you most need to leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free.Providing the type of massage most men want with the benefit of both being licensed with many years of experience, you will notice a difference in the quality and value of our sessions giving you lasting benefits long after the massage ends.

We are professional and reliable.
We return phone calls and texts promptly within 90 minutes during business hours
We keep our photos up to date new photos every 6 months.
We welcome all ages, races, and body types
Clean and sanitized private massage room and private bath
Professional TABLE, not a bed.
High quality, unscented lotions/oils applied and removed with steamed towels
Privacy and confidentiality assured

Call or text him at