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utta This World Massage!

I've had many clients tell me in post-session that they might have had an out-of-body experience during the massage. Or that they feel entranced, spacey, lightheaded (in a good way). A good massage should be able to take you there. Into that other realm. Into that altered state of deep relaxation. Into that place of greater healing.

My massage actually does take you there. Out of your body, out of your head, and outta this world!

And with the state of the world, especially as it is lately, wouldn't it be such a good thing to get away from it all?!?

Yes, the massage table can be just the place. Within that safe space, you can more readily access reintegration of your body, mind, and spirit. It could be just the thing you needed to reconnect, and to hit your reset button.

So get on my table, and get away from it all.

Then later, as you're leaving, and you say that it's time to go back to the real world; I will gently remind you,
this actually was "the real world".

Deep-Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, Sports, Thai Massage

Same-day last-minute appts available
9AM- 9PM (or later with advance notice)

SF Mission
1 min off 101
10 min walk from 24th St BART

Available for downtown SF & SFO area.

Joe Anthony CMT
415 359 7990

I welcome all ages, all body types, all genders.
That's everybody. And Every Body.

That includes YOU!

(You will also find Joe Anthony listed in massseurfinder under Relax.)

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