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4 hour male massage.(702-706-1957) NYC / Las Vegas based masseur, going back & forth from NYC, Long ISLAND & PITTSBURGH for now. I also go to all areas of Western PA, and Parts of West Virginia and OHIO per your special request

Recently in June and July 2016, out of Europe, Canada, The UK, and the Entire United States I've been ranked as the #1 most viewed male masseur in the world by masseur finder June-July (summer)2016 I held the title for 60+ days.

* I have also been featured in Health and fitness Magazines around the globe!

Modalities and techniques:
My best work is in the modality of DEEP TISSUE:
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It is used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

ABOUT ME / stats
(*Please refer to the "about him" section/ tab to the left.Friendly, Professional, Prompt Service.)

My Clientele.
Though I am personally straight, All ages 20+,all sizes, genders Male/female, orientations welcome. I'm a CMT and very friendly, NON-RUSHED Service, I have worked with many Celebrities, Major Athletes, and Public Figures. All ages 20+,all sizes, genders Male/female, orientations welcome. I'm a Certified CMT and very friendly, NON-RUSHED, Professional & welcoming.

* Cash preferred : but I now accept credit card, PayPal and checks (WITH A VERIFICATION SCANNER) as alternative forms of payment, billed as a Healthfood and wellness store ( there is a $25 convenience fee, being I get charged 8-$15 for this method and I have to wait 2 business days to get paid, and many risks and complications associated with me accepting this form of payment.

* Payment needs to be visible on a table, but I collect (at the end) not up front. This is to create a comfort-ability and trust for both parties, I am highly professional

NYC, LONG ISLAND, WESTCHESTER, AND NEW JERSEY VARY based on my expense to get to you, Or if you're coming to me. (not the same rates in Pittsburgh)

* PITTSBURGH / Western Pennsylvania rates are lower than my rates in NY/NYC, and rates to go to West Virginia or to OHIO) I don't ever "happen to just be in WV / OH", I come to you by YOUR special request.
* Western PA: For Pennsylvania yes I go to Cranberry, Meadville, Butler, Altoona, Johnstown and Erie yes for extra

* West Virginia,or Ohio are higher rate than Pittsburgh (right where I am most regularly located)

* Las Vegas depends on when I am there, where you are located, Rates are higher to go to Summerlin than the new strip.

I am a very immediate prompt service, If i am not in an appointment. my clients consist of gay males, straight females, bisexual males, male/female Married couples, discreet married clients, public figures, and many more. I am very friendly. I am a great choice to make. My hands are amazing and will make you feel brand new.

ON CALL at your convenience. I will NOT wake up to a text so I recommend CALLING me and waking me up 4am-11am (hours I'm usually asleep) if you're a serious inquiry...I will wake up to come see you.

Places I also go to: (For extra fee)
Erie PA, Cranberry Wexford for extra fee
As well as Stuebanville, Youngstown Ohio and parts of west Virginia such as Morgantown, Weirton and Bridgeport WV
My stats are 110% accurate, pictures are all recent from 2013-2017. My training is impeccable. & I lug/carry a heavy table around,spend $out of pocket, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "canceling", especially last minute, because its not right to do. This is a skill, not a dating site

Payment needs to be visible on a table, but I collect "at the end" not up front. I like to provide safe, comfort-ability for both parties
When Calling Etiquette, Professionalism :
Please be ready with your address , or ready to come to me. Please be respectful over the phone in terms of questions.

*I don't, and WILL NOT text back n forth for long periods of time, just call me, I'm friendly and charming.

If you use a "text app" and don't talk on the phone for at least 30 seconds, I will not meet you.I don't meet magic jack phone customers, private callers even with a business phone or married excuse (for a VERY long list of safety reasons)

Call or text him at