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elcome, and thank you for your interest in my services.

• Focus on wholistic wellness/fitness goals
• Heavy pressure /depth work for restoring the body to balance
• Customizable pressure and technique as well as focus areas – massage is not a one-size-fits-all therapy
• Sports massage for conditioning and recovery

My massage technique focuses on lines of force and fascial planes often corresponding to the traditional meridian system with the restoration of proper posture, and I specialize in sports massage for recovery. To do so I bring to bear considerable pressure and depth of work to restore the body to balance. For those who prefer lighter techniques, I am well trained and adept at customizing my massage to find a pressure and technique that is right for you. I have hands on experience working with numerous body types and conditions, so please share any special needs or considerations you have and we will work together to realize your wellness and fitness goals. A great massage is about open and honest communication so that you leave my table feeling wonderful.

• Deep Tissue Massage
• Sports Massage
• Swedish Massage
• Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage)
• Reflexology
• Accupressure
• Stretching
• Joint Mobilization
• Myofascial Release

I have created a peaceful massage studio, which provides a safe space to center yourself and enjoy your therapeutic experience. I provide calming soundscapes, but am able to tailor the environment to your preferences, particularly if you have a Spotify playlist.
• dedicated studio in my apartment (a walk-up) in Rogers Park
• 1.5 blocks from the Morse Red Line station
• Free street parking (metered parking available on Morse)
• Sunny, quiet, private and temperature-controlled
• Heated massage table

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