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y years of professional training, my massive healing hands and decades of experience will take you to unparalleled realms of relaxation. My massage is one of the very best anywhere on this planet - or on any other. I take my work very seriously and I guarantee one of the very best massages of your life. You're going to love the way you feel - I guarantee it.

I offer an amazing full-body massage and I spend a good deal of time on your hands, fingers, feet, toes and scalp--which most other therapists neglect completely.

I use long, slow, broad, fluid medium to deep strokes and because of my reach, it seems like my massive, strong, healing hands hardly ever leave your body. I provide perfect pressure to meet your expectations and needs.

My rates reflect my level of training, being a graduate of the first nationally accredited Massage School in the country -The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, my skill, and my custom fusion of over 10 healing modalities.

My reviews are a testament to that skill and the overall quality of the massage.

When doing house calls, I bring my heated massage table, music player, music, oil blends and a great lavender sage or coconut cream from a 5-star resort spa in Connecticut to use on your face. We can take advantage of my heated massage table, though we may also use your bed (at your location) if, due to your size or comfort needs, it is preferable for you.

It is always all about YOUR comfort. This experience is for YOU, not about what is more convenient for me.

For the fastest response, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment by texting my cell at 860 733-2611. Email is the second best option and telephone call is the third best.

I do offer long-distance travel (for an additional cost), so please don't assume that I'm too far away - if you're willing to compensate for it.

Thank you for checking out my ad.

I offer one of the best massages on the planet and NO ONE can compete with the massive size of my hands.

I look forward to working on you soon.


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