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ello. My name is Jamison. I currently live north of San Francisco in the Russian River area but I am in SF taking incalls most weekends.

I am a fully trained and licensed massage therapist who has been practicing full time for 9 years and I'm passionate about providing the highest level of bodywork possible. I offer Swedish relaxation massage and sports massage/deep tissue. My techniques vary from long relaxing effleurage to strong forearm the chniques and table stretches that allow me to find and unbind fascial and muscular restrictions. I pay particular attention to muscles strained by athletic training. I have experience with professional athletes and I am trained in Neurosoma, Myofascial Release and pin and stretch methods.

As an NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have extensive knowledge of the patterns in which the human body registers occupational and recreational stress. With this knowledge I am able to tailor sessions to the individual needs of each client, treating postural distortions, repetitive strain injuries and sports specific injuries.

DEEP TISSUE-Through compression, kneading, stretching, cross-fiber friction and heavy effleurage, I pummel your muscles into submission. Halt your over active muscles and give them a chance to rest.

SPORTS MASSAGE- In sports massage I emphasize work on the rotator cuff and muscles of the hips. Additionally I include specific work on tendons and connective tissue. Especially those of the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists.

INJURY SPECIFIC- If you have an athletic or occupational injury, you may require multiple treatments back to back. I will work on your affected areas in 30 minute intervals. Work can often be performed through athletic clothing.

RELAXATION- If you require more of a meditative experience, I can provide a combination of Swedish massage, aromatherapy and soothing music which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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