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ctually, anytime is an appropriate time to get a massage. You don't have to wait until you're stressed or injured. It's true that massage can relieve pain and help heal. But think of a massage as being like a body tune-up. It can prevent aches and illnesses before they occur.


So what are you waiting for? Call me or text me at 813-732-6821 to make an appointment. Once you contact me, it's all about you and what your goals and needs are. Your comfort is priority one.


My massage is Swedish-based,integrated with other modalities depending on what your needs are at the time of your session. In addition, I use gentle stretching techniques and use pressure that accommodates your preference of touch. Massage can help you release physical and mental patterns of tension and enhances your ability to experience your body in a more positive way.

I do not screen my clients on age, looks, or body type. So whether you weigh 30 pounds or 300 pounds, are old or young, short or tall, I offer a non-judgmental environment that will feel safe and nurturing and allow you access to a full range of healing and stress reducing benefits of a professional massage.

813-732-6821 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT 813-732-6821

The best way to reach me is to TEXT or CALL. I totally understand your need for privacy and confidentiality and I treat that need with the utmost respect. But calling from a "private or blocked number" is a "no-no" and I will not respond to those calls.

Last minute appointments sometimes work out, but it's always best to schedule as far in advance as possible. I schedule clients for 60 or 90 minute sessions Monday thru Sunday, 8am - 10pm.

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