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i there, thanks for visiting my profile! Please EMAIL OR TEXT (not call). I respond to emails quickly (b/c they come up on my phone), so you will receive a timely response. I may be in the middle of something, so texting is more convenient, and I have quick responses saved on my phone to answer FAQs. However, If It's better for you, I can accept calls. I respond to emails/texts at any hour of the day.

Hi, want a massage from a 28 y/o male? I've been complimented on my chest by many clients. I'm Algerian, 160 lbs, and 5´10´´. I work late doing both outcalls and from my home. I live alone in a safe, beautiful, and affluent complex. You can be nude, with no top sheet. I will also massage your upper thighs, glutes, and abs (if requested). Discretion is important. Your name, contact info, texts/emails will be kept confidential. Like any good healthcare professional, I will offer a discount and work on your budget if need be.

For more info about the massage studio and session: www2.massageanywhere.com/profile/t... For saftety concerns, I may text a friend to check on me after the session. Thanks

By law you must have a current massage therapy license and be prepared to provide proof of that upon request. I am currently licensed and attended the best/private massage school.

Email him now or call