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i guys! Thanks for checking out my massage page! I have a quiet, cozy apartment in Pittsburgh's Edgewood neighborhood, just one exit east of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.

My preference is to speak with you on the phone over texting. I like feeling that verbal connection. Texts are OK once we've spoken or for quick inquiries about availability, but please introduce yourself. I'm honestly not the best with email. However you choose to contact me and whether I see you at my place or yours, it's my greatest intention to give each of you an incredible massage that you'll be thinking about until we see each other again!

NOTE: When I'm on roadtrips, I leave my table behind as I find most beds work quite well. As some of you may know, I'm available for a special coordinated 4-handed massage with my friend Mike. We will be coming to these cities on the following dates:

SOUTH FLORIDA: 11/24-12/4 (limited outcalls only)

My technique is soothing and holistic, incorporating elements of therapeutic massage in a relaxed environment, where we both feel comfortable. My attention and focus is on you and the energy we create during our time together.

We begin our m4m massage with you lying face down. I design my first set of movements to set the tone, center the energy and help with relaxation. Instrumental music plays, as my hands make their way around your body.

Once your body is lightly oiled and warmed up, I place my hands on your upper back. With medium pressure, I glide softly and gently along the outside of your spine in long, smooth movements. I move towards the top of your buttocks before rounding back up towards your neck and shoulders. Knotted, stressed areas like the shoulder blades get more finger work to loosen them up. I move outwardly and symmetrically down your arms to your hands.

I then use my forearms to glide horizontally across the lower back toward the hips. With my palms on your buttocks, I knead in deep, circular movements, moving down your outer thigh and calf with a deep, pulling and lifting technique before I lightly massage your feet.

Following that, I ask you to turn over.

Standing at your head, I start working your neck and top of your shoulders, reaching down to your stomach. From your side, I massage your hips and inner thighs, moving down your legs.

Whether you are gay, straight or anywhere in between, my massage is geared toward ultimate relaxation. Communication is essential and I welcome feedback.

I only use organic extra virgin coconut oil. It's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It mimics our body's natural oil and is easily and safely absorbed. You are welcome to shower afterward, but I encourage you to enjoy the benefits of such an incredible oil.

Email him now or call (412) 862-5479