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y recent clients have been Olympic swimmers who medaled in the 2016 Olympics. I am a serious massage therapist. If you are looking for something other than massage then please move on. As a licensed professional, I have massaged at high-end spas such as:

I have been massaging and serving in our community for 13+ years now. I believe in QUALITY MASSAGE not QUANTITY.

Your massage will be a relaxing experience as you sink into the relaxation of a padded and heated massage table. You will instantly feel comfortable!

Due to the nature of the business, I have worked on many celebrities, internationally known and professional athletes. Many other male massage therapists receive massages from me and keep coming back because they know that I provide an A+ quality massage.

Most clients comment on the fluidity, relaxing strokes and tranquility of my massage. While the techniques I use most often combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and energy work, every massage is unique based upon your body type and kneads. Come and see why people keep coming back for an amazing massage. If you are in need of a shower before the massage please feel free to ask.

Please SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE. If you would be so kind as to give me fair warning about scheduling it would be appreciated. I am not a gay genie in bottle that pops out of your phone with my table and lotion in 3 seconds. Although I might be available last second I still like to have time to put fresh linens on the table, light a candle, set the music, adjust the heat on the table and make sure that the towels have time to warm up. Thanks for your consideration.

NOTE: Blocked calls will not be answered. Every massage ad requires the massage license number to be in the ad for it to be considered a legal ad….If it does not have a license number the ad is illegal. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist...not a pole dancer. MA40232

All clients with appointments at a hotel or condos with valet are responsible for covering any parking fees. AND you'll receive a quicker response if you CALL to book an appointment vs. emailing me. I am often away from the computer. If you need transportation I can provide that for a nominal fee...less than what taxis charge. Door-door service.

Email him now or call