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have studied Massage Therapy in Thailand and NYC and have a certification from my time in Thailand.

I can give a relaxation massage, or focus more intently on deep tissue work, depending on your needs.

I like to work with in Swedish, Thai, and Sports Massage techniques. I have a massage table to work on.

Blending together the different massage styles helps to promote relaxation, while also affecting genuine improvement in muscle pain and tension.

I have studied anatomy, reflexology, fascia, and trigger point techniques and really understand how the muscles of the body are interconnected. This knowledge along with specific techniques can help release that persistent pain in your lower back or aching shoulders.

Each session is unique, and I strive to connect with each individual and each body I work with.

My massage style can work with many different body types, whether you are an athlete training every day or someone whose back pains come from always sitting at a computer.

You will leave the session feeling less stressed, and more flexible. Almost 90% of my clients return for a second visit. My testimonials can back this up.

All of my photos are recent and accurate. I am the real thing: a nice guy, 6'1"tall, 200lbs, strong and muscular.

Text me anytime.

If you are looking for a massage therapist who is friendly, professional and comfortable with men and women of every age, body type, orientation and race then you've found him.

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